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PLASMA POINT SRL was set up in 1988 as producer of torches and spare parts for plasma cutting systems, accessories for the Laser Co2 cutting machines and as reseller of Co2 optics. Over the years the product range has been completed with a different range of welding torches together with a large choice of spare parts which are interchangeable with the most important brand names in the welding market, as well as plasma cutting machines, accessories for waterjet and oxyfuel cutting. Some years ago was made-up the Global Torch, which is a high technology torch usable on the plasma cutting machines from 20 to 120 Amper which works with and without High frequency.

Today PLASMA POINT SRL is an important reality on the national and much more on the international market regarding plasma and laser cutting, as well as for welding. 70% of the products are exported in more than 60 countries all over the world. This goal has been reached thanks to the experience, wide range and high quality of the products together with an efficient delivery service, and the ability to update the product range with the requests of the market.


Plasma Point srl
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